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Terms & Conditions – Real Estate Rental

General Terms and Conditions

Real estate letting

The company Villa Service Ibiza obtains the conclusion of contracts for holiday accommodation, between customer (tenants) and landlords. The company Villa Service Ibiza is not only mediator, a holiday organizer and is not owner of the renting objects. It represents the providers (landlords) only for the transmission and conclusions of reservation confirmations, as well as their bills. The adherence to the contracts and control of the objects are incumbent on likewise the company Villa Service Ibiza. The company Villa Service Ibiza is your contact locally. Please read these contractual conditions from there carefully. 1. Position and achievements of the company Villa Service Ibiza 1.1. The company Villa Service Ibiza offers you apartments, houses, villas, fincas for renting for your holidays. Beyond that desired auxiliary services such as car renting, yachts brokerage, organization of club entrances and further services are subject to separate arrangement and payment. 1.2. Each reservation form is subject to the respective offers and price lists. 2. Bookings procedere 2.1 With registration and their reservation the customer offers Villa Service Ibiza that conclusion of a contract and their reservation confirmation to the company obligatorily. The registration and their reservation can be made in writing, verbally or by telephone. The contract arised with the acceptance and reservation confirmation of the appropriate reservation desire by Villa Service Ibiza.The acceptance need of no certain form. Villa Service Ibiza conveyed all performance data, holding time and prices. In this way Villa Service Ibiza confirms the custumer the conclusion of the reservation on basis of the reservation confirmation obligatorily. 2.2. When reservations more than 1 week before beginning of allocation, the contract already arise by phone or the reservation implemented by mail and their confirmation, which are transmitted by Villa Service Ibiza . 3. Payment processing, resignation 3.1. With reservation confirmation, will be one pre-payment( deposit) charged, within 7 days on the account, which will be indicate from Villa Service Ibiza , where the amount must be credited in 10 day. The pre-payment will be credited on the total rent. „ Please consider the transfer times “! 3.2. When the pre-payment is not credited within the 10 days, than Villa Service Ibiza is entitled to explain after reminder with setting a deadline to declare to calculate a flatrate cancellation fee pursuant to section 3.6 3.3. The final payment is due under the contract with the specified deadline. 3.4. Without complete payment the tenant does not have a requirement on purchase of the object. 3.5. It should be noted that the case of agreed booking no legal right of withdrawal exists. The costumer is however granted a right of withdrawal at the company Villa Service Ibiza . which should to be exercised in writing and to the company Villa Service Ibiza zu be addressed is. 3.6. The company Villa Service Ibiza raises in case of a resignation a flatrate of withdrawal costs (cancellation fees),in the calculation are taken account already incurred expenses or the difficult or impossible otherwise occupancy. Resignation fees (cancellation fees) result as follows: 1. to 60 day before beginning of occupancy 50% of the rent. 2. to 30 day before beginning of occupancy 70% of the rent. 3. to 7 day before beginning of occupancy 90% of the rent. 3.7. In each case of a resignation the tenant is entitled to place in accordance with condition of the reservation contract, or several spare part takers who with all rights and obligations enter the reservation contract concluded with you. The company Villa Service Ibiza can contradict the person (people)/the spare part taker, if this does not meet the special requirements of the execution of the reservation. 3.8. The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is expressly recommended! 4. Resignation by the company Villa Service Ibiza  4.1. After beginning of occupancy the company Villa Service Ibiza can terminate the contract (reservation confirmation) regardless of warning, if the tenant and/or their fellow traverlers do not comply with the reservation contract and their general terms and conditions or if the tenant or their fellow traveling in such measures contrary to the terms of the agreement behave, that the immediate abolition of the reservation contract is justified. This is valid in particular in the case of a deliberate, or negligent damage of the object and theinventory, for this no warning is necessary. A warning is legal also in verbal form. 5. Not in requirement taken achievements If the tenants do not take the contractual achievements, in particular due because of too late arrival and/or earlier departure of illness or from other reasons,or not from Villa Service Ibiza to representing reasons or not complete in claim, then no requirement of the tenant on refund of payments exists. 6. Bail/ Caution If in the offer and in the reservation contract of a bail the speech is, then this is according to contract (reservation confirmation) at Villa Service Ibiza likewise pays. This is proportionately disbursed accordingly on day of the departure, after examination of the object on possible damages completely or on height of the damages. 7. Duties/ obligations of the customer opposite the company Villa Service Ibiza  7.1. Defects are to be shown immediately and opportunity with an appropriate eke out to repair defects or damages. If this announcement of a defect isn´t view, remedy is not possible by the company Villa Service Ibiza . Further legal claims of the tenant are expired/ accounts. 7.2. So that the tenant no disadvantage with damage to the holidays object or their facilities relative for the tenant concerning the evidence regarding your being to blame or not being blame, we recommend to show immediately urgently, even you determine such damage later with the purchase or, these to the company Villa Service Ibiza , even if such damage were not caused by you or for you is not disturbing. 8. Liability 8.1. Villa Service Ibiza shall be liable for the fact that the reservation contract with the care of a tidy merchant is made. 9. Duties opposite Villa Service Ibiza  9.1. The contract object may be occupied only with the number of persons indicated in the contract. In case of an overflow Villa Service Ibiza is entiled the immediate evacuation of surplus people from the renting object , it is possible to require on the part of appropriate remuneration for the period of the overflow, additional of Villa Service Ibiza , and this payment immediately becomes due. 9.2. The tenant commits itself, at the same time for its traveling to treat the object with care and to the company Villa Service Ibiza , or assigned all damage and lack during the holding time as fast as possible to announce. 9.3. The tenant commits itself to do all it reasonable with possibly arising achievement disturbances (power failure ect.) in order to contribute to a recovery of the disturbance and to keep possible damage as small as possible. 9.4. Domestic animals may only be brought, if this is agreed upon expressly in writing and in the reservation. 9.5. In the rented objects no party events may take place, or play loud music beyond the normal measure. 9.6. The tenant is obliged to leave the house cleared , clean-swept and properly and to dispose of the waste yourself. 10. other 10.1. All requirements from the reservation, must be displayed to the company Villa Service Ibiza directly from which argument the customer to point has within 10 days to the contractually agreed upon last day of stay. Otherwise any requirements are void. 10.2. The entire on the right of and contractual relation between the company Villa Service Ibiza and the tenant, here exclusively, after Spanish right application and the area of jurisdiction find are Ibiza. 11. Environmentally friendly behavior The owners and the managing directors of the Company Villa Service Ibiza , pleased their customers about environmentally friendly behavior. In addition switching the light and the air conditioning system off belongs when leaving the rented object. Careful and economical handling the tap water. Protection of nature. In the special ones the forests, beaches, animals and the sea over and under water of Ibiza. 12. Villa Service Ibiza  wishes a calm, restful and an unforgettable vacation on Ibiza in its holidays domicile to all guests.


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